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International Travel Insurance
Why should I buy trip insurance?

In the case of an emergency medical evacuation, lost or stolen baggage or evacuation due to dangerous political or military events. Most domestic health plans provide only limited benefits if medical emergencies occur while traveling overseas. You can buy trip insurance for a 15-day period or up to 3 years and there are many types available—including the most common types below.

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Coverage Options for International (or Domestic) Travel

Extended Travel Insurance

BEST FOR: Shorter trips overseas or visiting the U.S. from from 5 to 45 days. Covers illness and injuries up to $1,000,000 while traveling, plus medical evacuation expenses.

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Long-Term Travel Insurance

BEST FOR: Longer trips overseas up to one year. Covers illness and injuries while traveling plus extras like political evacuation and injuries caused by acts of terrorism.

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Basic Travel Insurance

BEST FOR: Insuring your non-refundable trip costs, like delays, interruptions, cancellations and lost baggage. Also covers up to $100,000 of medical emergency expenses.

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